5 Ways Video Production Can Level Up Your Event

As events plant themselves firmly in the digital age, video production is an important part of almost every gathering. Whether video is used to film the event live to share later – or to welcome virtual attendees in real time, or previously filmed footage is shown to an audience, incorporating video into your event is sure to make it memorable for your guests. 

Recent scientific research has shown that the human brain processes visual images 60,000x faster than it processes text. This means that using video at your event is more likely to stick with your attendees, helping you boost brand awareness, generate sales, solidify educational lessons, or hit a number of other KPIs for your target audience. Want to incorporate video into your upcoming event production and marketing campaigns? Here are 5 of our favorite ways.


1. Use video to offer sneak peeks and promos. 

Video can help you market your event well before it even begins. As of last year, 86% of businesses were using video as a key marketing tool. And this year, 4 out of 5 marketing professionals say that incorporating video has increased sales. Employing strategic video direction can help you sell out an event and get attendees excited about it. From introducing key speakers to offering sneak peeks at the venue and the experience, you’ll drum up buzz before the doors open, which can give ticket sales or registrations a big boost. 


2. Use video to welcome outside voices.

Once your event begins, video can offer practical ways to engage with attendees or speakers who aren’t in the room. Live streaming for virtual attendees allows you to share your event with many more people than could fit in the room. This is a great way to generate revenue, as well as offering a more cost-effective way to experience your event virtually for those who can’t afford to travel or miss their own local obligations. 

Additionally, videos can include experts who weren’t able to speak in person. By sharing pre-recorded interviews, they can provide valuable information to your audience without ever stepping foot into your venue. And if someone will be sharing a very emotional message or a personal story, pre-recorded video provides a “lower stakes” environment for them to share at their own pace, rather than sharing vulnerability in the spotlight in real time, while still offering a powerful experience for attendees. 


3. Use video to end cap your event.

Because video engages audio and visual, it’s a great way to capture your audience’s attention from the start — or before they head out the doors for the day! Creating an “opener” video at the start of a single day event, or the start of each day for a multi-day conference, can help you boost excitement, welcome your guests, solidify your messaging and theme, and help the crowd know what to expect. A “conference closer” or daily recap is also a fun way to highlight some of the best pieces of the event, captured and edited by experienced video producers. You can also use this final video to thank sponsors and team members, or to drive home key messaging points and takeaways or next steps for your attendees. 


4. Use video to boost online visibility.

According to a marketing study earlier this year, “people are twice as likely to share video content with their friends than any other type of content, including social media posts, blog posts/articles and product pages.” If you want to give your event an online boost, sharing video content is the surefire way to do it. When you share clips from your event, you provide a live look into the event for virtual attendees — or for potential future attendees. When they see what they’re missing, they may be first to book your next event! Video production also provides a great way to share behind the scenes content, bonus footage, and highlight reels. Don’t just share your video content on a projector in the event; share about the event on social media! Attendees love to share videos with their own followers, which equals higher engagement and free promotion online.

5. Use video to create human conneciton.

Video content matters, but here at Redstory, we’re convinced that video direction matters even more — and we exist to highlight what matters. Just like you circle your favorite quotes in red, we highlight experiences and activate people to focus on what matters most: human connection. We provide event production, video production and storytelling, and experiential marketing with the singular goal of inviting your audience in and connecting them with your brand or business in meaningful ways. If you want to use video to tell stories that matter, we’d love to help you do just that. 


Reach out to Redstory today to see how we can create videos that matter together.