Redstory Uses Innovative Technology to Support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF)

The immersive experience was created in partnership with Bizbash/Connect.

At Connect/Bizbash’s 2023 Fall Marketplace event this August, Redstory introduced a new way to partner with purpose-driven brands: immersive storytelling.  

Each year, the Fall Marketplace creates space for event professionals from all over the world to connect and learn. A large exhibition hall allowed companies to highlight their own event experiences. BizBash/Connect is a force for good in the event industry, and they chose to use this event to shine a light on the importance of breast cancer research. In turn, Redstory decided to support BCRF by introducing participants to real stories and real people in a new way. 

Redstory exists to create experiences between brands and people that activate healthy change and create a lasting human impact, so creating this experience in support of BCRF was a simple choice. Breast cancer research is innovating and evolving each and every year, as researchers learn more about how to prevent, treat, and cure. Of course, funding this research makes a difference — but spreading awareness is a similarly powerful tool. 

MiCircle is an activation designed by Redstory to engage one person so they can make a difference for many. Attendees stepped inside the immersive 360° experience to hear and see stories from three pairs of people whose lives have been forever changed by breast cancer. They stepped out of the MiCircle activation with a greater understanding of the work BCRF tirelessly performs — and a greater motivation to get personally involved. IMG_4889-1

Hearing personal stories makes a difference. 2 out of 3 participants expressed that their perception of breast cancer research, along with its role and effectiveness in treating patients, had changed during the MiCircle experience. And 75% of participants expressed interest in helping fund research by giving to the cause, including some who reported that breast cancer had only impacted their lives indirectly. 

The profound effect of the MiCircle experience even reached the Redstory team itself. Michael Farrell, president and co-founder said this: “We walked away incredibly moved and inspired by the stories shared, the strength of our community, and the ripple effects of creating emotional connections with one another through story.”

This is the power of cause marketing — it inspires us to join forces with others to do more good than we ever could on our own. The MiCircle experience helps us step into the stories and lives of others like never before, and it motivates us to get involved. As Farrell noted after the Fall Marketplace, “We are all part of the cure for breast cancer.”

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