3 Reasons to Get Back to Your “Why” in Marketing

The world of marketing is evolving faster than ever before. Innovation is a gift that allows us to create new avenues for purposeful marketing and intentional strategy — but sometimes, it leaves us feeling like we’re on a never-ending treadmill. 

Feeling overwhelmed by the latest technology and trends? Consider it a sign that it’s time to return to the fundamentals of marketing. Remember why you chose to build a marketing agency in the first place. When you embrace your “why” again, you can get back to your zone of creative genius, come up with new strategies, and even have a little fun.

1. You'll know where to focus your innovation efforts.

Here at Redstory, we’re huge fans of trying new things. In experiential event marketing and digital marketing alike, there are always creative ways to innovate. That said, not every new trend is a good fit for our marketing agency — and the same is true for you. If you feel like you’re running on that aforementioned treadmill, you might be trying to keep up with every marketing strategy instead of embracing the ones that’ll work best for you and your clients. 

Untitled_Artwork 2Imagine that the road to marketing success is a narrow road up a mountain. On one side, the cliff of “irrelevance” looms. It’s the result of falling into complacency, doing things the way they’ve always been done. On the other side, a steep rock face invites you to climb more quickly than the road would allow by trying every new innovation you see — but no one’s ever made it to the top that way, though many have tried. The trick to staying on the road? Asking why you’re on it in the first place.

According to Forbes, asking “why” is the number one factor in marketing success. Your “why” keeps you from stale marketing strategies. Doing things a particular way is great — but doing them that way simply because you always have is a major innovation roadblock. On the other hand, knowing your “why” helps you keep important processes in place instead of pivoting to the newest thing simply because it’s out there. Change when you need to, but don’t innovate a process that’s already working well.


2. You'll rediscover your unique edge. 

There are plenty of marketing strategies out there, but there’s no other business like yours. Purposeful marketing requires knowing exactly who you are and who you serve. Instead of trying to compete with every new trend or newcomer, asking “why” from time to time ensures that you’re running toward your version of success. 

When you know what your “why” is, you’ll also know what it is not, and that will keep you from chasing down ideas, clients, and strategies that you never meant to build your business around. 

Knowing your “why” matters on the small scale, too. Keep your objectives in mind for each client and project you take on! If your current campaign is focused on raising brand awareness and likeability, you won’t get bogged down in KPIs that have nothing to do with those objectives.


3. You'll consider your target audience.

Put simply: when you know your “why”, it’s easier to target the right “who”. Take it from Forbes

“Having a “why” conversation can help you see and understand the customer’s whole story or the root causes of issues. You can then make better decisions about product or services. This type of customer engagement goes well beyond your normal mode of marketing, because what you offer takes a back seat to why you exist."

All too often, marketing strategies can shift into sharing about the services you offer instead of why you offer them. Of course, it’s important to be clear about what you provide to your clients — but ultimately, you’ll be hired because of who you are, not what you do. No marketing strategy is a good fit for every client or project. When you know your “why,” you won’t chase clients who aren’t looking for you. Instead, you’ll consider your target audience at every turn, and you’ll know just how to draw them in and do incredible work together. 


As you examine your “why,” you might see that it’s time for a rebrand, shifting direction to target what you really want for your business and your clients. If so, Redstory can help. Here, we highlight experiences and activate people to focus on what matters most: human impact. We’re a marketing agency for people-focused people. Get in touch with us today